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MBE Empowerment Fund Accepting Scholarship Applications for 2017

Date Published: Oct 27, 2016
The MBE Empowerment Fund™ has begun accepting applications for its Emerging Entrepreneurs Scholarship Progam.  The Fund intends to award several scholarships of $500 or more in 2017 on behalf of individuals who best demonstrate the drive, determination, and vision to succeed as an entrepreneur/small business owner.  Scholarships will be awarded beginning February 1, 2017 until available funds are exhausted.

To apply, Applicants should submit an application, along with a letter of inquiry describing their entrepreneurial experience, goals and objectives to the address provided.  No phone calls, texts, or emails please.  Finalists will be contacted by VHCDC on behalf of the MBE Empowerment Fund™.

The MBE Empowerment Fund™ is a service of Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation.  VHCDC is working to promote and support entrepreneurship, to advance entrepreneurship education and training, to promote entrepreneurship-friendly policies, to connect disadvantaged small businesses to capital and credit, and to facilitate the commercialization of new technologies and services by small, women, and minority-owned businesses which have great promise for improving the economic welfare of our region.

Funding for the MBE Empowerment Fund™ is made possible by individual and corporate contributions. You can support the Fund by making your tax-deductible contribution at  www.vhcdc.org/donate