Our Goal: $1,000,000

Current Total:



Our partners work with us to help those we serve get the most from our programs and services. We look for innovative solutions, quality products, and effective services that create a win-win-win for VHCDC, our partners, and program users.

Our programs and services alleviate barriers to starting or expanding a small business, foster wealth creation, improve housing, spur job creation, and empower disadvantaged individuals and families to improve their quality of life. The companies and organizations we partner with share and support our empowerment based mission by:

  • Advertising their products and services on our websites
  • Assisting first-time home buyers
  • Sponsoring our activities and events
  • Advertising our programs and events on the Internet, print, radio, and television
  • Distributing our program literature at their service locations
  • Publishing news about VHCDC and its programs and services
  • Providing in-kind support (equipment, speakers, facilities, volunteers, etc.)
  • Participating in revenue-sharing initiatives that benefit our clients

We sincerely appreciate the support of our donors, service partners and sponsors...
Bank of America Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia Logo Communities in Schools of Hampton Roads
Truist HUD HUD Approved Local Housing Counseling Agency

VHCDC is continually forming partnerships and collaborating with individuals, government agencies, companies, and organizations across our region. Please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities with VHCDC.

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