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The VHCDC Home Ownership Assistance Program (the Program) is a comprehensive initiative to empower first-time homebuyers and help prior homeowners get a second chance at owning a home or condo. The Program combines a rigorous affordable (15) hours of instruction with one-on-one credit counseling and pre-purchase advisory services, along with exclusive access to a broad network of credentialed, experienced real estate professionals with the expertise and resources to make the transition from renter to homeowner seamless.

In addition to our Home Ownership Assistance Program, VHCDC administers pre-purchase housing counseling, rental counseling, a lease purchase program, and an investment club initiative, among others. Click here for an overview of our programs and services.

See our current network of real estate professionals below.

Regional Buyer's Agents

Other Real Estate and Related Services

VHCDC is building an extensive network of top-notch real estate and related professionals throughout the Commonwealth, and neighboring North Carolina. We insist on dedicated, client driven professionals who will fulfill our clients’ aspirations of becoming a homeowner. See our Home Ownership Assistance Program (HOAP) page for details on how VHCDC and its service partners can help you achieve home ownership!

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