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Home Ownership Assistance Program - VHCDC’s First-Time Home Buyer Education Program (the Program) is our initiative to empower first-time home buyers and help prior homeowners get a second chance at owning a home or condo.  As a client, you’ll access a dedicated team of professionals with the expertise and resources to move you from renter to home owner.  The program is especially helpful to individuals and families that are being negatively impacted by low credit ratings (FICO scores), or have lost a home due to foreclosure or a short-sale.

Additionally, if necessary, you can expect a written action plan designed to improve your credit rating (FICO score) and guidance to develop a household budget. The objective of the action plan is to provide you a roadmap to increase your credit score above 620, where you’ll find a much better mortgage interest rate.  Most of our clients achieve this milestone within the first year of the program.  Once you’ve reached this milestone we’ll assist you with your mortgage application and, upon approval, engage the rest of our Home Ownership Service Partners to help you locate and secure your new home. Ready to get started? Join us at our next First-Time Home Buyer's College. See our Community Calendar for upcoming course dates and locations.

Home Buyer Services - Ready to buy? Click here to download our Home Ownership Questionnaire. Complete the form, then give us a call. We'll connect you with our dedicated team of professionals and get to work helping you secure affordable financing, identify available downpayment assistance grants, and help you locate and negotiate the purchase of your new home. We'll also connect you with all of the services needed to close and protect your investment.

Home Buyer Education - The choice to purchase a home is probably one of the most significant financial decisions you'll make in your life. As a result, we believe it is important you understand the essential ingredients to achieving that dream of owning your own home. The class will help you understand your mortgage financing options and teach you the mechanics of buying a home. You'll learn all about working with a realtor, the importance of getting a home inspection and property survey, the essentials of title insurance, the purpose of escrow, the closing process, second chance financing options, and down-payment assistance grants that could help you purchase that home of your dreams. See our Community Calendar on the right for the next class and register today.

Rental Housing Education - Our workshop "rentOn" focuses on the very simple concept of "Quiet Enjoymnent" - the right of a tenant to enjoy his or her rental unit without “substantial interference” from the landlord. This concept ensures that tenants benefit from the full use and enjoyment of their rental unit. Our workshop is structued to help tenants understand their rights and responsibilities and how to protect themselves from unlawful eviction, slum-lording, and poorly maintained rental units. See our Community Calendar on the right for the next workshop and register today. Click here to download our flyer and share it with your friends and neighbors.


Promote Home Ownership - Download our Home Ownership Program flyer and help us introduce home ownership in your community, church, or organization. Contact us today to schedule an event for your church or organization.

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