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Investment Clubs

By definition, an investment club is a group of less than 100 individuals who meet for the purpose of pooling their money and investing. These clubs may be formed to invest in stocks and bonds, as a real estate investment group, as a business investment group, or any combination thereof. VHCDC seeks to facilitate the creation of hybrid investment partnerships that may invest in all three areas, with emphasis on providing venture capital for small, disadvantaged businesses in their community.

Investment clubs are a great tool for wealth-building. Monthly meetings provide excellent opportunities for learning about investing and the markets, strengthening business financial acumen, and building strong, long-lasting friendships and peer-networks. Additionally, these groups can be a valueable resource for local startups seeking a micro-loan or micro-equity investment.

VHCDC is providing technical assistance and resources to foster the growth of hybrid investment clubs throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. We're helping individuals, particularly entrepreneurs and small business owners, create general partnerships that facilitate wealth building and the flow of capital to local entrepreneurs. Would you like to start or join an investment partnership? Please contact us to organize or attend an investment club meeting near you.

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