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Small Business Advisory Services

We know the challenges you face developing your business plan, launching your business. We understand the obstacles, the forks in the road. You dreamed of being the captain of your own ship for months, perhaps years. But you don't know where to start. Or, perhaps you've already started. You've owned and operated your business for years, but growth has eluded you. You want to expand. You need more customers. You need capital. You need help!

At VHCDC, we understand the difficulties confronting entrepreneurs today. We've been educating, supporting and promoting entrepreneurship in the Commonwealth of Virginia for more than a decade. Our consulting services assist entrepreneurs and micro business owners to create, launch, and expand a small business enterprise, working in tandem with our sponsors and partners to provide a wealth of knowledge resources that may empower the entrepreneur to succeed. We work to help our clients understand and create a plan for maximizing their opportunities. We assist the business owner to create or stregthen their business plan, attract financing, implement new products or services, increase sales/revenue, build a strong management team, improve customer service, and reduce costs. We focus on success!

Our Small Business Advisory Service consulting services include accounting, bookkeeping, contracting, financial, insurance, management, payroll, tax, and other areas. We work with entrepreneurs, small and micro-business owners who need an advisor with significant knowledge, capabilities, and creativity. As a trusted advisor we assist entrepreneurs and micro-business owners to resolve problems and identify their most meaningful opportunities.

Write us and let's explore how we can help you start, grow, or finance your business. Or, simply download, complete and fax our "Client Intake Form" to get started.

Need help with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, or taxes? Do you need auto, commercial liability, homeowners, renters, or workers compensation insurance? Download, complete and fax our "Accounting & Insurance Services Request Form" and we'll have an Advisor contact you to discuss your needs and present you some options.