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Sep 15, 2014

D.C. Residents/Small Businesses Launch Investment Partnership

VHCDC Launches Distinguished Investment Group

VHCDC today assisted some Washington, D.C. residents to create and launc their their very own investment club (partnership). The Distinguished Investment Group was organized by member partners Andrea Christie, Melody Cooper, Paul Daley, Eladia Garces-Guy, Desiree Heyliger, Alicia Hetzner, Clarinda ... View Full Article

Aug 21, 2014

Tidewater Residents/Small Businesses Launch Investment Partnership

VHCDC Launches Omega Investment Partnership

HCDC assisted Tidewater residents today to launch an investment club (partnership). Omega Investment Group was organized as a general partnership by local residents and member partners Lorenzo and Chardon Haskins, Chonda Hoskin, Marci Hoskin, and Sabrina Williams and local small businesses A & A Sol ... View Full Article

Jun 12, 2014

VHCDC Introduces Small Business Financing Services

Expanded Financing Options for Small, Disadvantaged Businesses in Virginia

Since 2005, Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation has been dedicated to helping small, women, and minority-owned businesses in the Commonwealth of Virginia succeed through exceptional support, products, service, and training. We offer prompt service, competitive rates, an experienc ... View Full Article

Jun 24, 2013

Central Virginia Residents Launch Investment Partnership

VHCDC Launches Central Virginia Small Business Investment Partnership

VHCDC assisted Central Virginia residents today to organize an investment club (partnership). The Central Virginia Small Business Investment Partnership was organized  by member partners Michelle Saka El, Sonja Ford, Aurelia V. Dyson-House, Kareem Horton, Thomas House, Jr., and M. Theresa Watk ... View Full Article

May 23, 2013

VHCDC Launches Investment Partnerships in Virginia

Launches Investment Partnerships in Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia

VHCDC is working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and others to launching Investment Partnerships throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. VHCDC launched the Hampton Roads Small Business Investment Partnership in May, 2013. Efforts will continue to empower local residents and small busines ... View Full Article

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