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Nov 19, 2009


MBE Empowerment Fund keenly focused on the financial needs of Minority Business Enterprises

In the wake of an economic downturn that has kept many investors from financing even the most highly developed start-ups, Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation (VHCDC), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, has formed a community development venture capital fund aimed squarely at in ... View Full Article

Sep 11, 2009

New Web App Connects Entrepreneurs and Capital

Online Platform Helps Accredited Investors, Micro Lenders, Credit Unions, CDFIs, and CDCs Reach and Fund More Small Businesses

In response to an outcry in recent years from minority business owners for improved access and greater diversity of resources for capital and credit, MBE Capital Connectâ„¢ responds with an online platform that connects entrepreneurs and capital. This online application was specifically designed to ... View Full Article

Jul 31, 2008


Non-Profit Spurs New Models for Financing Emerging Minority Business Enterprises

Starting a small business is a venture undertaken by a large number of Americans today, especially African-Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, and women. Sparked by a sudden career change (such as a lay-off or retirement), innovation, or simply the need or desire to generate additional income, entrepreneur ... View Full Article

Jul 16, 2007

Angels Descend on MBEs

Investors Seek Investment Opportunities with Top Minority and Women-Owned Ventures

Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation (VHCDC) continues its pioneering initiatives to facilitate the flow of capital to Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) with the announcement of the 2007 MBE Capital Call Conference, Exhibition, and Venture Forum – September 20 & 21 in Hamp ... View Full Article

Dec 17, 2004

Non-Profit Initiative Opens Doors to Capital and Credit for Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs)

Ask most minority or women-owned businesses what challenges they face in starting, growing, or expanding their business and they'll tell you capital and credit rank at the top of the list. Ask them what resources are available and you'll either hear dead silence or they'll describe some loan progra ... View Full Article

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