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VHCDC Homes for Veterans Fundraiser

Date Published: Aug 26, 2019

VHCDC launched today is fundraiser to rehabilitate and build 120 homes for veterans.

The Problem: A Serious Housing Crisis.  In many areas across the country, there is little to no housing available that lower income people can afford. This problem is of particular concern in Hampton Roads, where on any given night you can find about 200 homeless veterans in shelters or on the streets.   

What we’re doing about it. The solution to homelessness is housing. VHCDC is working with local veterans organizations to acquire and rehabilitate distressed single and multi-family properties.  Now VHCDC is moving forward to create a tiny house village for disabled and homeless veterans who need quality, affordable housing.  But, we need your help.

We are crowdfunding $1,000,000 in donations and investments to make it happen. That amount will allow us to finalize our plans, acquire raw land, install needed infrastructure and supply and equip us and our partners to build sufficient single resident occupancy units to independently house 120 veterans.

Will you join us to make it happen?  We started planning early this year and we are now ready to move forward.  Join us.  Invest with or donate to VHCDC now! 

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