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VHCDC Restores Suffolk Home

Date Published: Jun 21, 2017

VHCDC today released "For Sale" a 2 bedroom, 1 bath single family home located at 527 Virginia Avenue, Suffolk, VA 23434.  The property, donated by Wells Fargo, was substantially rehabilitated by VHCDC with financing provided by VHCDC Community Investment Partners, LP.  VHCDC relied upon staff, volunteers, local small businesses, and Board members to perform myriad construction tasks and benefited from donations from local retailers and the support of outstanding neighbors.

The property required substantial repairs to restore it.  Staff replaced a significant portion of subfloors, ceilings, and exterior walls and installed new plumbing and wiring, enlarged the closets, built a refrigerator cove, and added a separate space for a stack washer/dryer.  Recessed lighting was added to the porch overhang and solar lighting highlights the driveway, front flower beds, and rear porch area.  Interior and exterior walls are fully insulated and the attic and subfloors feature an extra layer of insulation for added comfort. 

VHCDC included upgrades not traditionally found in starter homes, such as: hardwood floors; tile flooring (kitchen and bathroom); tankless water heater; ductless HVAC (remote controlled); wood cabinets, recessed kitchen lighting, USB outlets, stainless steel appliances; solar lighting; and, much more.  The focus is to give the new homeowner(s) years of comfort and economy.

VHCDC acknowledges the support of: Home Depot, Home Emporium, and Sherwin-Williams for their donation of building materials; CAP Construction Group, Vernon Donovan, House Call Company, James Johnson, Lowe's Pro Services, Mike Wells Services, Newby's Construction, Performance Guttering, PODS - Keep It Simple Storage Co., Select Recycling Waste Services, and Spivey Rentals for their services; VHCDC staff  Allen Church, JaQuis Maddox; Allen Parker, and Joseph Thornton for their skills and expertise; Volunteers Phillip Allen, Don Manigault, Robert Braswell, Harold Doctor, and Patricia Braswell for removing debris and clearing the site; and, Board members Macy Jenkins, Maryellen Smalls, Katrina Taylor, Carolyn Turner, and Tee Williams for their overall support. 

Progress photos for this project are available on our Facebook page.  This property is currently under Lease Purchase.  

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