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VHCDC Launches VHCDC Community Investment Partners, LP

Date Published: Dec 09, 2015
Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation (VHCDC) announced today the successful launch December 3rd, 2015 of VHCDC Community Investment Partners, L.P., a Virginia limited Partnership. 

VHCDC Community Investment Partners, LP, VHCDC was created to co-invest with Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation, providing equity capital for the acquisition and renovation of distressed and dilapidated single and multi-family properties in select communities across the Commonwealth of Virginia. VHCDC seeks to acquire and renovate local single family assets and make them available, on a priority basis, to first-time and second chance home buyers participating in VHCDC's Home Ownership Education and Assistance Program.

VHCDC, through VHCDC Community Investment Partners, LP, seeks to revitalize inner-city neighborhoods with the assistance of local investors, residents, and small businesses with a stake in their revival. Investors may participate upon acceptance of the Subscription Agreement and minimum investment of $1,000.  Details are available in the Partnership Agreement. Investors should obtain the Partnership Agreement and Subscription Agreement and read them carefully BEFORE investing.