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Tidewater Residents/Small Businesses Launch Investment Partnership

Date Published: Aug 21, 2014

HCDC assisted Tidewater residents today to launch an investment club (partnership). Omega Investment Group was organized as a general partnership by local residents and member partners Lorenzo and Chardon Haskins, Chonda Hoskin, Marci Hoskin, and Sabrina Williams and local small businesses A & A Solutions, LLC and Bayview Food Service, LLC.

The member partners meet monthly to learn the mechanics of investing, identify and discuss potential investment opportunities, and pool their funds to buy and hold a portfolio of growth, aggressive growth, and income producing investments. VHCDC provided financial and technical assistance to help organize the group and is conducting monthly training to help member partners learn the basics of investing.

For more information contact VHCDC or see our Community Calendar for upcoming Investment Club meetings and locations.