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VHCDC Launches Investment Partnerships in Virginia

Date Published: May 23, 2013

VHCDC is working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and others to launching Investment Partnerships throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. VHCDC launched the Hampton Roads Small Business Investment Partnership in May, 2013. Efforts will continue to empower local residents and small business owners in Fredricksburg, Petersburg, Hampton, Newport News/Williamsburg, and Lynbchburg/Roanoke to launch up to five (5) investment partnerships annually through 2020.

An investment partnership is an organization of up to 100 members (partners) who meet monthly to learn the techniques of investing, pooling their money, and investing in select securities. Members decide the location, date and time of their monthly meetings, as well as the amount contributed by each member, which securities to invest in, and the frequency and type of investments. VHCDC provides organizational support, educational resources, and financial and technical assistance to create and launch the partnership.

Each partnership is organized as a legal entity in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The partnerships may be composed of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and others with the common interest of building wealth for themselves and their companies. They also have the added benefit of the opportunity for members to promote business growth and job creation in their own communities by investing in local start-up small businesses. Members of the partnerships are "active" investors and equal partners who share in the risks and rewards of investing in registered stocks, bonds, and other investment instruments.

To start or join an investment partnership in your area (Virginia only) contact VHCDC and let's discuss organizing an investment partnership in your area. See our Community Calendar for upcoming events