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Date Published: Feb 08, 2012

Students from ECPI University, Newport News campus will contribute their knowledge and skills to assist aspiring entrepreneurs participating in the MBE Venture Weekend to create, develop and launch new business start-ups.

MBE Venture Weekend is an intense 53 hour event that challenges entrepreneurs to develop their ideas for innovative products and services and build and launch a viable business. Entrepreneurs emerge from the process with a fine-tuned, defensible business strategy, keenly focused, and empowered to pursue their ideas. ECPI graduates Romero Bagaloo, Barbara Bridgman, Shanea Mercer, Johnathan Scantlebury, Akeem Smith, and Dachee Tomlin will serve as 'Executive Assistants', helping entrepreneurs conduct vital market research, develop their business model and strategy, construct an operating plan, develop financial projections, and construct and deliver a formal presentation and documents to raise funds to launch their venture.

The students are upcoming graduates of the ECPI Business Administration program, due to formally receive their Bachelor of Science degrees in June, following a rigorous 2.5 year, accelerated degree program. The ECPI Business Administration program is designed to create managers and business-oriented personnel who are able to strategically manage and utilize technology while implementing changes essential to the global business environment.

“We are excited, and honored, to have Romero, Barbara, Shanea, Johnathan, Akeem, and Dachee on the MBE Venture Weekend™ team”, said James R. Taylor, President of Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation, creator and host of MBE Venture Weekend. 'They’re sharp, knowledgeable, and eager to put what they’ve learned into practice. So, we not only look forward to launching new businesses, we also look forward to these outstanding graduates finding a home with some of the ventures arising out of the weekend.'

MBE Venture Weekend gives attendees an opportunity to learn new business skills, validate their product/service ideas, expand their business network, launch a new business, improve an existing business, and create jobs through self-employment and other employment opportunities. Attendees should expect a fast-paced, thought-provoking environment.

MBE Venture Weekend™ starts at 4pm Thursday, February 16, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hampton Marina Hotel, Hampton, Virginia. MBE Venture Weekend is hosted by Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation. For complete details and registration, visit the MBE Venture Weekend website at:www.mbeventureweekend.com