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Date Published: Oct 19, 2011
Portsmouth, VA  -  If you’ve got an idea for a new product or service and have been thinking of starting your own business, then February 16, 2012 is a day you wish would come sooner than later. On that date, Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation (VHCDC) intends to conduct a unique entrepreneurial experience – launching 100 startups in 2-1/2 days.

MBE Venture Weekend™ is an intense 53 hour event that challenges entrepreneurs to develop their ideas for innovative products and services and build and launch a viable business.  Entrepreneurs emerge from the process with a fine-tuned, defensible business strategy, keenly focused, and empowered to pursue their ideas.  With some assistance from local mentors and technical advisors, aspiring entrepreneurs will research their market and competition, develop their business model and strategy, construct an operating plan, develop their financial plans, and construct and deliver a formal presentation and convince others to fund their venture.

According to VHCDC President, James R Taylor, "MBE Venture Weekend™ is about launching startups.  It educates entrepreneurs and motivates them to act upon their dreams and aspirations of owning and operating their own business.  This is very important, for two reasons.  First, there are plenty of ideas for new products and services, but because of fear of failure, lack of resources, or whatever, those ideas become decay and fade.  Second, these new businesses are what create jobs and increase wealth, moving some out of poverty. They contribute to a better community, as these new-found business owners buy homes, invest, support their church/community, and provide a better life for their family and education for their children.  I look for MBE Venture Weekend to be a catalyst for launching startups across the Commonwealth of Virginia."

MBE Venture Weekend starts Thursday, February 16, 2012 a the Crowne Plaz Hampton Marina Hotel, located in Hampton Virginia.  For complete details and registration, visit the MBE Venture Weekend website at: www.mbeventureweekend.com