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VHCDC Preferred Lenders

When shopping for a mortgage, we recommend you apply to at least three (3) lenders. Inform each that you are a first-time home buyer and ask them about their current Down-Payment Assistance (DPA) program(s). Making at least three applications gives you options, allowing you to choose the best mortgage loan for you, and encourages lenders to give you their best deal up front.

We recommend you complete and submit your applications within a fourteen (14) day period. This will allow you to receive and evaluate all of the applications and minimize any impact to your FICO score. It will also give you ample time (another two weeks) to receive and give careful consideration to their offers. Below is our list of preferred lenders. Select any three (3) lenders and contact Housing Services to get a referral for mortgage pre-approval or mortgage pre-qualification.:

Rick Anthony Rick Anthony
Movement Mortgage
NMLS #265209

Barry Sharif

Barry Sharif
Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers
NMLS #528759


William Glacken William Glacken
Citibank, N.A.
NMLS: #1011993
DC Metro Only

Citi DPA Grants in D.C.
Kelly Stevenson

Kelly Stevenson
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Grp
NMLS #1449508


Judi Jurey Judi Jurey
Truist Home Mortgage
NMLS #415292

Truist & VHDA DPA Grants
Ronetta Sykes Ronetta Sykes
First Home Mortgage
NMLS #1490145

Sereva Manuel Sereva Manuel
Homespire Mortgage
NMLS: #739808

VHDA DPA Grants & Chenoa Fund
Marion Uzzle

Marion Uzzle
Fulton Mortgage
NMLS #211283

Fulton DPA Grant


Karl Pereira

Karl Pereira
Bank of America
NMLS: #1910625

Community Loan DPA & CCA Grants
Shawnte Williams Shawnte Williams
ABNB Federal Credit Union
NMLS #664487

Shetika Pope

Shetika Pope
Fidelity Direct Mortgage
NMLS: #1613636

FHLB, FDM, and VHDA DPA Grants

Gnorae Wright

Gnorae Wright
Cross Country Mortgage
NMLS #64340

CCM Smart Start DPA Grant

When shopping for a mortgage lender, your should also take the time to investigate any and all down-payment assistance and closing-cost assistance programs you may be eligible for. See the Down-Payment Assistance Programs page for potential grants and other resources.

Once you have secured pre-approval, and decided the best financing, select your real estate team.  Visit our Real Estate Affiliate page to review the profiles of our real estate professionals, then let us know which real estate (buyer’s) agent you would prefer to work, along with your home inspector, insurance, and closing/settlement service providers and we will issue the appropriate notices to contact you promptly..

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