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Welcome to the VHCDC Home Ownership Assistance Program!

Congratulations. You have enrolled in a unique, comprehensive program designed to assist you in becoming a home owner and provide up to $2,500 in post-closing, transition assistance. If you are not enrolled, we encourage you to do so. On this page we want to provide you some information which will help you make the most of the program. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are requirements of all enrollees in the program.

Step #1. Set the date you want to be in your new home. *

Determine the date you want to move into your new home. If you are in a lease, the date may be within the month your lease ends. You should allow at least sixty (60) days to complete the home purchase process. So, if you move-in date is July 1st, you want to kick-off the process no later than May 1st. This will give you plenty of time to complete steps 5 thru 10. Ideally, you will have plenty of time to move out of your apartment into your new home. If you have not already done so, setup your account profile and communicate this date to the Housing Services Office (HSO).

Step #2. Complete the VHCDC First-Time Home Buyers College. *

VHCDC maintains a regular schedule of live, virtual training for first-time home buyers. Courses are offered at least monthly on Wednesdays from 6pm to 9pm and Saturdays from 9am to 12pm. You should plan on completing the entire course prior to kick-off. To prepare, you will need to secure copies of your credit reports (all three bureaus). Course materials will give you instruction on how to address inaccurate and negative items. You will also learn how to construct a Personal Financial Statement (PFS) and Household Budget (HHB) and provided examples of numerous documents you will see along the way to purchasing your new home. You must complete all four (4) modules. A Certificate of Completion will be provided upon receipt of your participant questionnaire.

Step #3. Mind your credit. *

Your FICO or Vantage score is among the most important factors to your ability to secure a mortgage loan. Take care to ensure you STOP SPENDING and DO NOT add-on any new debt. This includes establishing new lines of credit in the months preceding your application for a mortgagte loan. Instead, you should be focusing on raising your credit score, by reducing debt and paying-off any charge-offs, garnishments, judgements, liens, and medical debt. These items must be resolved prior to submitting an application for a mortgage loan, as you do not want your credit application declined due to these items. If you desire assistance, we encourage you to contact our Housing Services Office (HSO) to schedule an appointment with a Housing Counselor. An appointment will be scheduled only after receipt of the following documents:

Our Housing Counselors must have the opportunity to review these items prior to meeting with you. This not only saves time, but ensures your meeting(s) are productive. Please send your credit reports, personal financial statements, and household budget to: hso@vhcdc.org and include your full name and telephone number in the body of the email.

Step #4. If eligible, enroll in the Virginia Individual Development Account (VIDA) program.

VIDA helps qualified individuals save for a down payment on a home. Eligible participants receive training, support and match funding on their savings. The current match rate is $8 for every $1 the participant saves, up to $4,000 in match. VHCDC offers the VIDA program in conjuction with its Home Ownership Assistance Program, where participants must complete twelve (12) hours of housing education and a minimum of two (2) hours of credit and financial counseling, among other requirements. Participants must be enrolled for a minimum of six (6) months and must purchase a home within two years (24 months) of enrollment. Participants must advise HSO of any circumstance(s) that may impact their success in the program. See the VIDA program for eligibility requirements.

Step #5. Mind your money.

We strongly encourage you to STOP SPENDING and save, save, save. While you are preparing to become a homeowner, it is vital you eliminate unnecessary expenses. Re-evaluate your subscriptions. Get an insurance check-up to see how you can reduce your monthly premiums. Dine-in more, versus dining out and fast food purchases. Stop smoking. Eliminate or dramatically reduce vanity expenditures (clothing, hair, nails, and tattoos, etc.). The savings can be dramatic and the additional funds will help you substantially reduce outstanding debt.

Step #6. Secure Pre-Approval from mortgage lenders. *

When you’re ready to buy, be sure to apply to at least three (3) mortgage lenders for Pre-Approval and compare the offers for the best terms.  Ensure your applications are submitted within a fourteen (14) day period to avoid any impact to your credit score.  HSO maintains a list of mortgage lenders and mortgage loan programs favorable to first-time home buyers.  See our Preferred Lenders List for local lenders.

Step #7. Engage Your Real Estate Team. *

As an enrollee in our Home Ownership Assistance Program, you were assigned an in-house real estate agent and attorney to facilitate your purchase. Once you've secured mortgage pre-approval and decided which lender is right for you, notify your real estate team you're ready to start your search! Members of your team are among our regional network of realtors/realtists (buyer's agents), home inspectors, insurance agents, closing/settlement agents, property managers, real estate attorneys, and tax preparers.

Step #8. Shop for your new home. *

Once you have secured mortgge pre-approval and engaged your real estate team you are ready to start shopping. Work with your realtor to explore available housing inventory that meets your needs for cost, size, location, style, etc. Be sure to keep in touch with HSO along the way. When you have located a home and secured a ratified purchase agreement notify HSO of your anticipated closing date. If you are enrolled in VIDA, submit a copy of the ratified purchase agreement and associated documents to HSO so it may process release of your VIDA funds to your closing/settlement agent for your down-payment. YOU MUST PROVIDE DOCUMENTATION AT LEAST 10 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF YOUR CLOSING!

Step #9. Submit a copy of the Closing/Settlement Statement to HSO for processing. *

Upon closing/settlement, the agent will provide you a copy of the Closing Disclosure or Settlement Statement depicting your transaction. Please provide a copy of the disclosure/statement so HSO may confirm completion of the purchase, application of your down-payment (VIDA) funds, and satisfaction of outstanding invoices and payments to your real estate team. The Closing Disclosure or Settlement Statement will be used to calculate your transition assistance, if earned. Please be sure to send a legible copy of the document, not the original.

Step #10. Send us a picture!

We are elated to learn of program enrollees and first-time home buyers college graduates succeeding in becoming a first-time home buyer. Hence, we ask that you send us an email with an attachment of a photo of you in front of your new home and a summary of your journey, if you please. With your permission, we'd like to include your photo in our annual report where we highlight select program participants, along with a summary of their experience.

Remember, we’re here to help. Don’t be shy about letting us know your needs. Contact us

Best wishes for your success!

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This page was last modified on May 16, 2022.