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How to Purchase VHCDC Community Investment Notes

Invest in our communities - while earning a financial return. Funds derived from our Community Investment Notes are used primarily for neighborhood revitalization projects that include, but are not limited to, the acquisition and rehabilitation of single and multi-family housing, mixed-use properties, and commercial properties located in select distressed communities within the Commonwealth of Virginia. We may also use the proceeds to invest in select disadvantaged, small business enterprises as a micro-equity investment or small business loan at slightly below-market rates.

Get your VHCDC Community Investment Note today and support our investments in disadvantaged communities. Just select the Rate and Term that best suites your portfolio, click on the button below and complete your purchase.

Term Rate Community Investment Note Price  
1 Yr 0.50% 1 Yr Note [Pays $50.25 Per Note at Maturity] $50.00
3 Yrs 2.00% 3 Yr Note [Pays $53.06 Per Note at Maturity] $50.00
5 Yrs 3.00% 5 Yr Note [Pays $57.96 Per Note at Maturity] $50.00
7 Yrs 3.50% 7 Yr Note [Pays $63.61 Per Note at Maturity] $50.00
10 Yrs 4.00% 10 Yr Note [Pays $74.01 Per Note at Maturity] $50.00

NOTE: Your purchase of a VHCDC Community Investment Note constitutes acceptance of the Investment Terms and Conditions. You must complete and file the Community Investment Note Application within 30 days of purchase or your purchase may be voided. This is not an offer to sell securities. Please get the VHCDC Community Investment Notes Prospectus for terms and conditions. Click here for details!

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All information concerning investors and prospective investors shall be held in strict confidence by Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation, subject to legally authorized and enforceable requests for information by government agencies and courts. Investments with Virginia Housing and Community Development Corporation cannot be disclosed through the website, annual report and/or other publications without the express, written permission of the investor.

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